Tiny Talks: A custom built tiny home in Northern NSW

A merging of Australian farm house charm and contemporary New Zealand architecture.

Konpak Tiny Homes - EDDIE Konpak Shoot LIFESTYLE Billinudgel Tiny Home HR 54

We had a chat with our clients, Leone and Ian about their new Konpak custom built tiny home in Northern NSW. This is what they had to say.

Konpak: What was the inspiration for the overall look of your tiny home?

Leone & Ian: We liked the iron and timber exterior combination and internal finish of tongue and groove traditional farmhouse look.

Konpak: When you first started the design process, was there a certain feeling you were chasing when you stepped into your tiny home? If so, has the build replicated that feeling for you?

Leone & Ian: We were looking for a feeling of space, an active interior and all facilities being on the same level. And yes the build has replicated that feeling.

Konpak: What made you decide to build a tiny home?

Leone & Ian:  Succession planning to downsize enabling us to utilise our Kingscliff property and reduce the work involved in a larger house.

Konpak: How do you plan to use your tiny home? Ie, to live in, a guest suite, airbnb etc?

Leone & Ian: In the short term the tiny house will be tenanted . At a later stage we will use it to live in a few days a week.

Konpak: What advice or insights would you share with others who are considering having a custom tiny home built?

Leone & Ian: Do your research, visit as many tiny homes as you can, check workmanship and creativeness of design.

Konpak Tiny Homes - EDDIE Konpak Shoot LIFESTYLE Billinudgel Tiny Home HR 2

Konpak: What were the most important factors that led you to select Konpak for this project?

Leone & Ian:  Quality of workmanship and attention  to detail in their show home along with their creative ideas. 

Konpak: In terms of the location and placement of the tiny home on your property, what considerations influenced that decision, and how did Konpak assist in that process?

Leone & Ian: They came and scoped the site and agreed with our choice of position and made their plans accordingly.

Konpak: Finally, how did you find working with the team at Konpak?

Leone & Ian: Cody, Dan and Drew were extremely easy to work with.There were monthly consultations and all team members applied their expertise and shared ideas in a professional manner.

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