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Building the future we want to see.

At konpak, we believe it is important for your home to be both functional and easily adaptable, while tailored to your local climate.

Our homes value liveability and connection over size and appearance; because we believe that the quality of life and our impact on the planet is more important than the quantity of square metres.

When it comes to your home, we don’t make any compromises.

We are a team of passionate professionals. You can relax and know your building project is getting treated with the expert attention it deserves, right from the building design to the last brush stroke of paint, and everything in between.

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KONPAK Tiny Home Install Billinudgel

We apply the same principles we live by to our business, with the aim to redefine the value of our homes, why we build, and who we build for.

Flexible work

We prioritise quality and efficiency, seeking the best performance from our team. To accommodate different schedules and peak productivity, we offer flexible hours, allowing our team to work when most effective and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Do better

We are all in a natural state of progression. Be the reason for innovation by constantly up skilling and gaining new perspectives.

Better buildings

Create happier and healthier occupants and communities, by building better quality and more thoughtful buildings. Buildings that will withstand the seasons of life.

Our problem, our planet

Minimize environmental impact throughout the building process, with a focus on long-term sustainability. Prioritize thoughtful design tailored to local conditions, constant improvement in construction methods and materials, and educating occupants on optimal building performance for comfort.

Our Team

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Cody Greer

Director / Building Designer

Cody is a co-director and our building designer. His passion for designing multi-functional buildings better suited to people’s changing needs and the climate in which they are positioned is the driving force of Konpak.

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Dan Alroy

Director / Builder

Dan is a co-director and licensed builder. He brings extensive experience in both residential and modular construction. Dan loves delivering great quality builds every time, and is always on the lookout for ways to do better. He believes it’s the little details that make each project special.

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Drew Magnum

Interior Designer

Drew is our in-house interior designer. She approaches each project with a holistic perspective, understanding the significance of not only designing a beautiful space but also emphasising on designs that are functional, minimise environmental impact, and that contribute positively to our client’s overall well being.

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Simon Brown

Structural Engineer

In a well-designed building, the relationship between structure and aesthetics is deeply harmonized. Simons passion lies in innovative structural solutions. He is always thinking outside of the box developing new ways to solve complex problems with simple, efficient solutions.

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Lunchbox Guardian

Daisy is our beloved golden companion. When she’s not having the day off swimming in Cudgen Creek, you will find her in the studio greeting clients, retrieving parcels from the postmen, or safety supervising the team in the warehouse.

Areas we service

Northern NSW

Tweed Region
Byron Region
Coffs Harbour

South East Queensland

Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

Based alongside the lovely town of Kingscliff, we service the immediate areas of Northern NSW and South East Queensland.

Within our catchment we can organise the entire process and installation including site works.

If you are outside of the immediate catchment area, speak to one of our friendly team members about our transport options as we can deliver Australia-wide and to remote areas.

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