Smarter financing for your tiny home.

We’ve partnered with CreditOne to make financing your new konpak home easy.

Embarking on the journey of tiny home living is an exciting venture, offering a world of possibilities, sustainability, and financial freedom. However, we understand that bringing your dream tiny home to life often requires financial support. Whether you’re seeking to downsize, reduce your environmental footprint, or create a cozy getaway, the path to tiny home ownership is made smoother with the right financing partner.

We recognise the unique needs of those venturing into the world of compact living. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Credit One, a leader in smarter finance and insurance solutions, to make your tiny home dreams a reality.

Konpak Tiny Homes - coau

Low rate finance solutions on our entire range


Credit One’s personalised and unbiased service, tailored specifically to suit your needs. Their premium finance solutions incorporate low establishment fees, no ongoing fees, and bank-beating interest rates.


Instant online quotes and same day approvals

Their Finance Consultants are available 7 days a week for your convenience. Give them a call today on 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) or request a call back.


Credit One have established relationships with over 40 of Australia’s most trusted lenders, including major banks and lenders not available directly to the general public.


Credit One compares your financial needs with all of the lenders on their extensive panel to find the best option for you and your individual circumstances.

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