Our process

We make the journey of building your konpak home easy and exciting, with professional guidance every step of the way.

Following an initial design consultation, a preliminary proposal is provided. This is tailored to fit your unique requirements.

You then begin your journey bringing your konpak home to life following these steps:

1. Site Analysis

Before we get underway with the design, a site analysis is completed. Here we assess your unique site and any key design parameters that may impact your design. Including sun paths, predominant breezes, noise corridors, pleasant and unpleasant views. This is also a great time to plan the site access and any works that may be required on-site to ensure the entire process will be as smooth as possible.

02. Pre-design and Planning

For custom projects, this is where we go through a design brief together. If you require any council or building approvals, we begin the planning process here. We prefer to tackle the tricky questions first to ensure there are no surprises along the way.

03. Selections & Design

You meet with our interior designer to go through layouts, material options and selections. From here the plans get developed from our preliminary presentation, through to detailed plans in two main design stages. Once the design is just how you envisioned it and all selections are made, a fixed-price contract is made ready to begin construction.

04. Construction

During construction, the building program is broken up into 3 stages: Trailer and Subfloor, Lock-up, and Practical Completion.

05. Delivery & Site Works

The most exciting day of the entire process! Delivery of your new konpak home and any additional site work as required.

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